The WDHF-WMET FM 95.5 Chicago Radio Timeline Page

   Edwin Armstrong began testing his new 43-48 megacycle system in 1934 from atop the Empire State Building in New York. The first known Chicago FM broadcast station was W9XZR, on 42.8 megacycles, owned by the Zenith Radio Corporation went on the air in 1939. In 1942, there were eight Chicago area FM stations on the air..


44.7 W47C Chicago WJJD,inc.
45.1 W51C Chicago Zenith Radio Corp
45.9 W59C Chicago WGN, Inc
46.3 W63C Chicago National Broadcasting Co.
46.7 W67C Chicago Columbia Broadcasting System
47.5 W75C Chicago Moody Bible Institute of Chicago
47.9 ---- Chicago Chicago Federation of Labor
47.9 W79C Chicago Oak Park Realty & Amusement Co
48.3   Cicero WHFC, Inc.


Bypassing Armstrong patents, David Sarnoff created our current FM radio band. There were five Chicago FM stations on the air in 1945...





99.3 WBBM-FM Chicago Columbia Broadcasting System
99.7 WDLM Chicago Moody Bible Institute of Chicago
100.1 WEHS Chicago WHFC, Inc.
98.9 WGNB Chicago WGN, Inc
98.5 WWZR Chicago Zenith Radio Corp


One of WMBI's radio studios

    Chicago FM Broadcast Stations in 1950..

88.1 WEPS Elgin IL 10 cp  - 98.7 WWGNB Chicago IL 35000
88.5 WDLJ Evanston IL 10 cp - 99.5 WEFM Chicago IL 30000
91.5 WBEZ Chicago IL 15000 - 100.3 WFMF Chicago IL 23000
92.1 WILA Woodstock IL 1000 - 101.1 WMAQ-FM Chicago IL 24000
92.3 WJIZ Hammond,IN 9300 - 101.9 WXRT Chicago IL 25000
93.1 WFJL Chicago IL 29000 - 102.3 WNOI Oak Park IL 1000cp
93.9 WAAF-FM Chicago IL 28000cp - 102.7 WMOR Chicago IL 40000
94.7 WENR-FM Chicago IL 25000 - 103.1 WRGK Brookfield IL 1000
95.5 WMBI-FM Chicago Hts IL 50000 - 103.9 WBNU Aurora IL 1000
95.9 WCHI Chicago Hts IL 400 - 105.1 WEAW Evanston IL 36000
96.3 WBIK Chicago IL 19100 - 106.3 WEXI St. Charles IL 250
97.1 WBBM-FM Chicago IL 13500 - 106.7 WKRS-FM Waukegan IL 12000
97.9 WEHS Cicero IL 16000 - 107.1 WLEY Elmwood Pk IL 1000
98.3 WOAK Oak Park,IL IL 35000 - 107.9 WTQS Evanston IL 30000cp


Radio Station in 1959 FM 99.5 WEFM in 1961

     Broadcasting on 95.5 Megacycles began in the late 1940's with the Moody Bible Institute's WMBI-FM. In 1956 the station was sold to the DeHann Hi Fi Store in Evergreen Park, Illinois. The WDHF format in the 1960's was classical and easy listening. In 1974, Metromedia Radio purchased WDHF and turned it into a top 40 format. The Casey Casem' American Top 40 syndication was syndicated on WDHF in 1974 after WCFL canceled it.


Start The Cart! FM 95.5 WDHF / WMET 1974-1978 Air Composite (Pt. 1)
      --Top 40 Format--
Ronnie Knight 7-74, Tom Jeffries 11-74, John Bodnar 2-75,
Bill Taylor 9-75, Steve Campbell 5-76, Dan Walker 5-76,
Gary Price 5-76, Jay Hawkins 5-76,
FJ Bailey WDHF-WMET Call Letter Change 12-1-76,
Jim Channell 12-76, Mike O'Brien 12-76, Greg Brown 12-76,
Chris Alan 11-77, Bill Brannigan 9-78 & Craig Roberts 9-78.
Includes News & Sports Clips.


WDHF studios (Jim Channell left)

WDHF Promotion...

1975 Wall Poster

The Screamin' Yellow 'DHF T Shirt...

1976 Promo Giveaway


Start The Cart! WDHF Air Composite May 1976
  'Screamin' Jay Hawkins & Gary Price

The WDHF-WMET Top 40 DJ Lineup 1974-1979

Jim Channell (Capt. Whammo) John Bodnar
Gary Price Gary Bryan
Dan Walker Jay Hawkins
Greg Brown Steve Campbell
Bill Taylor Chris Alan
F J Bailey Craig Roberts
Bill Brannigan Terry Thompson
Mike O'Brien Mike Troop (News)
Tom Jeffries Dave Alpert (News)

 On December 1,1976, Metromedia owners changed calls from WDHF to WMET. The last song played under the old calls was Chicago's 1971 hit "Beginnings". The last week of American Top 40 on WMET was in early 1979. Then, WLS AM 890 carried it through 1983.

On April 20, 1979 Metromedia changed WMET to a album rock format and competed with WLUP-FM 98. WMET's slogan was "The Mighty MET" through early 1981 when they became "Chicago's Classic Rock" and "Rock Radio 95.5" in 1983 thru 1985.

1979 Sticker


The Sunday Night Doobie's Concert was GREAT!!!

Start The Cart!

  FM 95.5 WMET 1979-1984 Air Composite (Pt.  2)

     --Album Rock Format--

       Greg Brown's Last Show 4-79, Patti Haze 11-80,

       Bill Evans 4-81, Slim Nelsen 4-81,

       Scott McConnell 4-81, Dave Benson 11-81,

       Red Muldoon 11-81, Brock Whaley 12-81,

       John Fisher 12-81, Dan Michaels 1-82,

       Dave Lee Austin 4-82, Ray Sherman 5-83 &

       Matt Harrison 7-84.

       Includes News, Sports Clips & Concert promos.


The 1980-81 Album Rock Personalities..
(From the 1981 Classic Rock Book)


WMET Vice President/General Manager Bruce Holberg (left) and Mayor Jane Byrne presented the Chicago band STYX with an award for their #1 gold album "Paradise Skies" and proclaimed The City of Chicago to have a "Styx Day" in 1983.

     Metromedia sold WMET to the Doubleday Corporation in 1983.The format was changed to a album rock hits format in the summer of 1983. The 1981 personalities were replaced by Ray Sherman and Matt Harrison. The new rock format used heavy microphone reverb, as WBBM-FM did on their Mike Joseph "Hot Hits" format. 

1984 Record Store Display

More WMET promotion...

The WMET Nitelight was one of many promotion items given away to listeners on Dan Michaels "All Night Drive Show" in 1980 and '81.




in 1986 WMET changed calls to WRXR and is currently WNUA, a smooth Jazz format..

WMET is an AM News Talk format in our nations capital..



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